The Shah returns to his Palace


Almost two months back our dear SRK, came out of his heavily guarded doors to talk to his people; the audience that adores him and the press that bemuses him. He kept his peace for a long time but when the situation demanded, he once again armoured himself with love and humility on the audacious path of film publicity. And he promoted himself, (the brand that he is become today) like nobody’s business. Once his boarded the train, he was everywhere on TV shows, reality shows, fiction shows singing, dancing, making merry. He did not leave any place unvisited – Radio channels, news papers, news channels, apparel stores, city Malls, youtube, twitter, facebook, Dubai, London, America and perhaps also to heaven to seek blessings from God himself. It was all too much and the only place where you didn’t think of him was in your own bathroom (i.e. if you do not read news papers while taking a dump) After all its all for a good cause; to promote a film, on which 1000’s of people have worked hard for a year and their careers depend on it.

But the lesser mortals like me keep wondering everyday that – how does a man become so affectionate and warm hearted? Maybe he’s just being superhuman. Eid Mubarak



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