The act of moving ahead in the direction your heart sought out for your is a dire situation to get into. More so because the heart is bad at directions; it could lead you to the darkest of the dungeons and that’s when the mind peeps above your left shoulder to say in a eerie voice – See I told you so. But what do you when you own heart is the king of adamancy. It is excruciating to follow the path of your heart when the whole world around you behaves like the hoards of roman spectators watching Christ with his beloved cross.  And soon you’d be hanged with that cross – your passion. For me it is writing hence it is easier to put my thoughts down on paper but it gets difficult at times to live with my reality. The long awaited path of recognition and then acceptance and perhaps sometime later in life success.

But for anybody out there, trying to live their passion there is a solution – a mirage. You have to create a mirage which is so beautiful that the goal seems worth achieving for. Your logical brain would tell you that mirage isn’t real, it’s an illusion. But your heart wants to feel that the mirage is real and the journey to end of the horizon would take you to heaven and make you immortal. My imaginary world is prettier and closer to me then the distant decadent planet we live in. Sometimes it helps to live in the imaginary world. For the pigeon-headed it is easier to follow something, irrespective of how many times others around them try to stop, put them down or ridicule them, they wouldn’t just give up. For other more complicated and lesser mortal people, the trick is to fool ourselves so that we never give up. 


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