The Ups and Downs of Writing

Writing depresses sometimes, sometimes it excites the soul. Writing gives meaning to random thoughts, thoughts that move the world.

HarsH ReaLiTy

I am new to writing for the public eye. Having only been blogging close to 17 months now, I am getting the feel of the swings that come with writing. Some days you won’t feel sure of your words or they won’t come as easily. It happens, not often to me, but it can depending on my current state of mind. Other days you will feel like you are the best writer in the world. I rarely “like” my own work, but I can appreciate the effort. Those days also come with their frustrations. You see other people “making it” or getting their chance and all you want is your phone call or email. Ups and downs come to us all, but it is what you choose to do the other 90% of the time that really matters. How do you spend your every day life and what are you doing…

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