I met an old friend, asked him ‘how r u doin?’,

He couldn’t see me straight but his broken smile spoke a thousand words.

We were close, and I had to know so I pestered ‘r u alright?’

The tears rolling down his left cheek highlighted the struggle he went through,

When I pushed him saying ‘bastard I’m your friend, answer me, what happened?’

He just kept staring back at me.

I then realized close friends are not that polite, your own reflection is…


This tough life, the choices you made, the regrets you live with and the spirit that you walk along with. This is your pursuit and nobody can or should do it for you except you yourself. For a simple reason that, if you achieve, you will achieve it alone. You will stand on the podium alone and soak-in all the lime light before giving your thank-you- all speech. But if you fail, and that you will, in fact multiple times, it will be your failure alone. You will have to own in, sink it in, keep is treasured inside your heart and learn from it but keep walking ahead alone. Nobody said it was going to be easy but you chose this difficult path and now you have to carve your own road ahead. Cherish those small successes, learn from big/small mistakes and keep walking till to reach your goal.  This is the way it is and this is the way it always has been. Because in the end its all about you. This is Ego, the self realization of an individual.